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产品名称: 手摇式管道切割机CG2-11Y
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Manual Pipe Cutting Beveling Machine Hand Pipe Flame Cutter
Product Overview
This is a new portable pipe gas cutting/beveling machine. It uses a system that wraps around a steel pipe and cuts by using the chain as track to run along. The user simply turns the knob which spins the worm-wheel drive system. The machine has a clutch system to get it to the proper starting point and make set-up easier. It comes with extra-large wheels to use when cutting smaller pipe. It can cut straight or beveled clean edges. The unit does not require electricity. Widely used in all walks of life pipeline cutting processing, it is a very good tool!
Product Parameters
Model: CG2-11Y
Cut pipe outer diameter: 4.25"-23.62"(108mm-600mm)
Total chain length: 88.6"(225cm)
Bevel Angle: 0°-45°
Cutting accuracy: 0.04"(1mm)
Cutting torch model: Propane:G03#1
Package size: 13.4"*13.4"*17.3"(34cm*34cm*44cm)
Net weight/Gross weight: 29.1LB(13.2kg)/31.3LB(14.2kg)
If you need to cut more than 23.62 "OD pipe, please contact us to purchase chain.
Cutting Thickness
Propane Cutting Thickness(unit:mm) Acetylene Cutting Thickness(unit:mm)
G03#00 4-9 G02#00 5-10
G03#0 5-10 G02#0 10-20
G03#1 10-20 G02#1 20-30
G03#2 20-35 G02#2 30-50
G03#3 35-60 G02#3 50-70
G03#4 60-90 G02#4 70-90
G03#5 90-130 G02#5 90-120
G03#6 130-180 G02#6 120-160
G03#7 180-250 G02#7 160-200
G03#8 250-300 G02#8 200-270
G03#9 300-380 G02#9 270-350
G03#10 380-450 G02#10 350-400
Note:Under normal circumstances, the cutting thickness of 5-100mm can meet the normal demand, more than 100mm on the gas pressure requirements will be improved !!!
Product Features & Advantages
- Manual operation, no power supply, suitable for field work without power environment.
- The chain can be increased or decreased according to the outside diameter of the pipe, and theoretically the pipe with infinite outside diameter can be cut if the number of chains is sufficient.
- Small size, light weight, easy to carry; The installation and operation are simple and convenient.
- The main body of the machine is cast with reinforced aluminum alloy, which can adapt to various harsh environments.
- - Simple structure, easy to maintain; Manually control the cutting speed, can be I, V (0-45°) bevel cutting.
Product Presentation & Details
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/028/088/9.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/028/088/5.jpg
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/028/088/12.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/028/088/7.jpg
Item Included(028088)
Pipe Flame Cutter *1 The Wheel *2 Cutting Tip *2
Wrench *1 Chain *1 English Manual *1

You can make order with no worriy.
Any concern just feel free to let us know, we'll reply in 24 hours in normal condition.
Handling Time: Shipping is usually made in 1-3 business days after payments cleared. Orders are processed from Monday-Friday; Not on the weekends & public holidays.
Warranty: 6 months' warranty for the machines, not for the consumables.
We stand behind our products all the item, so even if your warranty period has expired, you can still seek for service or technical support from us with low cost.

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