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产品名称: 酒店地毯清洗机地毯喷抽机抽洗机
新建网页 1 新建网页 1 https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/999/053381%E5%92%8C053382%E5%9C%B0%E6%AF%AF%E6%8A%BD%E6%B4%97%E6%9C%BA.jpg

110V 2000W Carpet Extractor Machine 60L

Product Overview
Carpet Cleaner us a machine that can be used to dry and wet clean, and can be used for carpet cleaning. When doing carpet cleaning, spraying , wahsing,and drying 3 process is complete at the same time which make the carpet clean at all. The body design is novel and fashionable, with flexible & convenient use, especially suitable for the corridor, the conference hall, restaurant etc. Places for carpet cleaning.
Product Parameters
Voltage: AC110V 50/60Hz
Power: 2000W
Steel drum capacity: 13.2gal(60L)
Steel drum height: 37"(94cm)
Steel drum diameter: 17.3"(44cm)
Water tank capacity: 4.4gal(20L)
Hose length: 8.2ft(2.5m)
Length of the power cable: 26.2ft(8m)
Interface caliber: 1.57"(4cm)
Vacuum suction: 0.025Mpa(250mbar)
Air flow rate: 23.3gal/s(106L/S)
Mode of cooling: Cycle air-cooled
Pressures: 116PSI
Big water sucker width: 9.84"(25cm)
Little water sucker width: 3.35"(8.5cm)
Product size: 23.2"*19.3"*37.8"(59cm*49cm*96cm)
Net weight: 66lb(30kg)
Optional Specifications
Serial number Voltage Power Capacity
053011 110V 1000W 30L
053165 110V 1000W 40L
053189 220V 1000W 40L
053381 110V 2000W 60L
053382 110V 2000W 80L
Product Features & Advantages
-High power motor motor, cleaner and more thorough
-There are handles on the top and 360° universal casters on the bottom for easy movement
-Spraying, cleaning, water absorption 3 in 1
-Suction Pipe Air suction pipe is sealed with barrel body, which can be used safely barrel body, which can be used safely
-Super long hose and wire, flexibility and applicability
Product Presentation & Details
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/381/7.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/381/4.jpg
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/381/6.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/381/8.jpg
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/381/9.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/381/12.jpg
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/381/11.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/053/381/10.jpg
Item Included(053381)
Carpet cleaning machine *1 Hose *2 Round brush dust collection head *1
Carpet cleaning connector *1 Steel pipe *2 Strip dust collection head *1
Wide suction head *1 Wide dust collection head *1 Sofa cleaning connector *1

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