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产品名称: 电动液压台式圆管缩管机胶管压管机扣压机
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110V Hose Crimper High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine with 10 sets of Dies Tube Shrinking Machine
Product Overview
The clamping machine is a kind of hydraulic equipment used for clamping pipe assembly, the supporting metal joint through the clamping machine mold to exert shrinkage force, the metal joint firmly clamping in the supporting construction machinery with high pressure oil pipe or car brake pipe, oil pipe, air conditioning pipe, power pipe. It is suitable for all kinds of mechanical high and low pressure oil pipe, gas pipe, water pipe, cable joint, automobile air conditioning pipe, automobile power steering pipe, oil pipe, gasoline supply oil pipe, as well as construction accessories, daily hot water pipe, widely used in vehicles, construction machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding and cutting equipment and other industries.
Product Parameters
Voltage: AC110V/60Hz
Power: 5.4HP(4KW)
Crimp range: 0.24"-2.01"(6mm-51mm)
Max opening without dies: 5.12"(130mm)
Max crimping outer diameter: 3.15"(80mm)
Crimp force: 3600KN
Dies quantity: 10sets
Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 18.5gal(70L)
System pressure 31.5Mpa
Package size: 30.3"*20.9"*39.4"(77cm*53cm*100cm)
Net weight/Gross weight: 485.0LB(220kg)/533.5LB(242kg)
Note: There is no hydraulic oil in the machine, and No. 46 hydraulic oil must be filled before use.
Product Features & Advantages
- Operation mode has manual, automatic and foot switch control three ways, according to different circumstances can flexibly choose the control mode.It's small and doesn't take up space,Simple controls and operation.
- Using forge steel machine head, this kind of steel is more durabler than general steel.
- The locking mechanism components are made of high quality alloy steel materials and unique heat treatment process to ensure the reliability and service life of the equipment.
- The mold installation is simple and convenient. The mold can be customized according to different pipes, with high withholding precision and high production efficiency.
- Widely used in all walks of life, can be used for hydraulic hose, steel pipe, iron pipe and other crimping processing.
Product Presentation & Details
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/056/314/11.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/056/314/3.jpg
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/056/314/8.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/056/314/6.jpg
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/056/314/7.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/056/314/12.jpg
https://topseller365.com/data/prd/056/314/10.jpg https://topseller365.com/data/prd/056/314/5.jpg
Item Included(056314)
Crimping Machine *1 Relay *1
Fuse *1 English Manual *1
Proximity Switch *1 Dies *9

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Warranty: 6 months' warranty for the machines, not for the consumables.
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