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产品名称: 盘式不锈钢过滤机 150型 110V

Stainless Steel plate and frame Press Filter (FT-150 Model, 110V) 188032

Stainless steel sandwich plate frame filter, apply to concentration below 50% viscosity is low, less fluid slag content as airtight filtering to achieve purification, sterilization, clarification etc fine filtration, half fine filtration requirements, microporous membrane filter for use directly, not through the microporous membrane filter can achieve aseptic filtration purpose).

The filter has big filter area, byg flow, and the applicable scope is big, so in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries have extensive uses, used for filtering injection liquids in pharmaceutical factories, it has particularly good effects.


The pressure filtration. Slurry pump into each sealed filter material filter chamber, under the effect of pressure, the filtrate through filter layer and the filter cloth, filter cloth liquid outlet discharge, the filter residue is left in the filter box filter cake formation, so as to achieve the goal of solid-liquid separation.


Scope of application:

Used for all kinds of suspension of the solid-liquid separation, wide application scope. Used in medicine, food, chemical, environmental protection, water treatment, pharmaceutical, light industry, dyes, textile etc.

Item Include(188032):

FT-150 110V Stainless Steel Filter Plate And frame Press Filter Slag Machine

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