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134402:Shoe Stretcher Machine with four heads, Shoe Repair Machine,Shoe Expander
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Shoe Stretcher Machine With Four Heads, Include Men,Women,High-Heeled,Child Lasts

Shoe Stretcher Machine With Four Heads
1. Product Parameter: Men: 8-9.5(42-45) , Women(heeled): 5.5-9(35-42) , Women(heeled):5.5-9(35-42) , Child Use: Affordable compact stretching and lengthening unit Include: Men, Women ,High-heeled&Child lasts Scope of use:This shoe stretcher machine can be used in hotel, home, supermarket, shoe repair shop, and office . Color: Red Weight: 12 kg
Maintenance and Maintenance:
1. Keep the machine clean
2. Add lubricating oil or grease in the screw parts regularly, in order to keep the screw rotating flexible;
3.Aluminum mold surface is soft, please store them properly
4. It is forbidden to overexert, lest cause the screw slipped
1.Normally you need 24 hours , during this time, you'd better screw tighten every two hours .
2. The machine can extend a shoe at most 6 to 7 mm.
3. Shoes must be real leather products.
4. Don't use brute force, it will rip the shoes

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