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122018:Inflatable Large Zorb Ball(without blower)
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Large 3M Zorb Roller Ball

Before using, please check here to download the notice!

Note: You are bidding one piece crystal clear roller ball, no extra color.

Large Zorb Ball is easy to use, environmental, fashion. Pump first and people goes in, air flows inside, could stay as long as you want. Absolutely no pollution and you will be a kind of beautiful scenery. There is no another hill/snow amusement can take you the exciting feeling like in the Zorb roller ball.


1) Material: 1MM PVC, non -toxic, colorless, tasteless.

2) Dimension: 3M in outside diameter

3) High tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding flexibility

4) Widely used for family, backyard, playing center, amusement park, water games,swimming pool, grass/snow hill and seashore scenic spot.

5) Gross weight: 150lb (70kg)


Must Read Before Go Into the Ball

1. Before go inside must take off your shoes. Children and adults go into the ball must without key, knife and other sharp objects in case puncture ball.
2. If you found damaged, can use the glue and net clamping cloth in the service kit. Fusible interlining method: cut into cloth round, there shall be no sharp corners, wafer bigger than broken area at least 3 cm and wafers coated with glue until dry and not glue the hand. Stick the wafer where have breakage, and pressing it hard.
3. Must remember, be sure to control the number of people in ball. (Two at most)
4. Safety first. Play in the ball need have staff around. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Play Water ball must in the specified scope.
8. Pumping methods: use the air blower pumping from blowing mouth , but be careful to the inflatable cannot too full avoid bursting the ball.


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