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022037:Electric Fabric Scissors

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Electric Fabric Scissors

  The Electric scissors can meet the industrial use, It can work continuously when  plugged into electricity. Tungsten steel cutter, durable, light and flexible  turning, regardless of right and left hand.

Product details: 



Replaceable segment, convenient installation





The plug have belt lock,it is not easy to fall off.





Manual switch, more securely.




Good heat dissipation effect,it can support the continuous  work of the machine.



 Advantage :

1. This product all use environmental protection material.

2. Low energy  consumption, high efficiency; Low noise, good fatigue resistance, good heat  dissipation. It can work  continuously for 8 hours a day.

3. Cutting can be in need of all kinds of plants (such as  underwear, clothing, textile, leather, shoes and hats, furniture, packaging,  bags, handbags, curtain cloth, sports goods, etc) is widely used on the  production line.

4. Reduce the labor intensity of production (scissors)  workers, but also a new measures to strengthen labor protection.

5. Electric  scissors production efficiency 2-3 times of traditional manual scissors, it can  improve the production efficiency to reduce production costs.

6. It can cut any shape flexible, turn freely, safe and reliable,  simple maintenance, blade replacement is easy to operate.


 application Industry and Household


electric fabric scissors

 voltage 100-240V



Power 35W
Cutting capacity approx 0-4"  (0-10mm)(depend on material) 
Machine Net Weight: approx 1Lb (0.4Kg)
Package Weight: approx3Lb (1Kg)
Machine Dimensions (L×W×H) : 12" (35cm) ×10"(25cm) × 5"(12cm)


Item Included:(022037)
  • main body  *1
  • cutter head  *1
  • voltage transfer  *1
  • brush  *1
  • instruction  *1



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