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007067:Stencial Isolator - 2pcs / set
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Stencial Isolator

Stencial isolator is auxiliary device, designed by our company for the case that images separate partly and also need to print two colors or more in screen printing. Such as the back of sportswear, numbers are red while letters are blue, Usually which needs two stenials and print twice. But now you can finish it easily using our stencial isolator. First, expose numbers and letters on one screen stencial; Divide the stencial into two parts by stencial isolator, which can isolating two different colors when printing; Finally a perfect sportswear is printed.


1. High efficiency: Compared to normal stencial, you only need to make one stencial and stretch screen mesh once.

2. Improving the quality of products: Using stencial isolator can finished two color printing once, which can avoid quality problem caused by misregister.

3. Easy to install and operate: you only need to fix stencial isolator on two sides of frame according to separated printing position. Then cut a appropriate length paperboard, plastic board or wood board as isolating board, fix it by bolts and finally make isolating board and screen mesh adhesive by tape.

4. It is not restricted by size of frame and frame materials.It can be used for frame of within 2.4"(6cm) width, isolating board of within0.8"( 2cm) thickness. It is suitable for various material of frame (wood, aluminum alloy, iron, etc).

5. Our stencial isolator is made of 0.24"(6mm) steel plate cutting by laser and bending, which make it never deformation. And it will never rust as the surface is coated by advanced electrostatic coating treatment.

6. We also supply related parts, tools and instruction, while users have not to buy any materials

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