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006965:Easy DIY Printing Kit
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Screen Printing DIY Hobby kit

This is a new CHEAP silk screen printing kit for your DIY printing business. It is minimal investment but you can do a complete hobby printing, at the same time, the kit is also profitable, you can earn pennies when you are having fun. You will NOT find a cheaper and better kit than this one! So why do you still hesitate? Just have a try!


You need some simple household tools like a light to expose (the effects are good may need a longer time).

? 1 T-shirt print board-----no need to find a table, anywhere to print.
? 1 pre-stretched sturdy aluminum frame-----longevity and high quality.
? 1 13" squeegee-----applying the ink and emulsion film easily.
? White paste and transparent base-----mix with the color pigment to be the printing ink.
? 10 sheets of transparency films-----to print your design on.
? 2 sheets of emulsion sheet-----to make the plate, please see the following detailed instruction.
? Screen printing degreaser and autoprep-----applying the emulsion film (stick to the screen firmly).
? Print board adhesive-----hold the garments in the right position (apply hundreds of printing).
? Screen frame hinge clamp-----connect the print board and the frame with 2 bolts.
? 5 colors of the pigment-----applying different designs.
? 2 stainless steel spatulas with plastic handle-----applying printing ink easily.

If you want to make the plate with solvent resistant emulsion instead of the emulsion sheet, please contact us.

Emulsion Sheet Application Method

Make sure the screen is clean and free of dust and oil, if you want better effect, you can use asc365 special liquids to get mesh dull for easier attaching. Spray the screen with water. It should be completely soaked, but not dripping. Asoyou can use a spray bottle to wet screen.

Apply the dull/sticky side to the back of the wet screen. You can roll the emulsion sheet, apply front part, then roll down the whole sheet.
There are two sides to the sheet, one shiny and one dull. If you can’t tell which is which, wet your fingers and touch the corner. The sticky side is the dull side.

Run squeegee over the shiny surface of the emulsion, then another size, the last time is back to shiny surface.
TIP: Inspect front of the screen for any bubbles or dry areas. Dry areas will have a spiderweb pattern. Use spray bottle with water to lightly mist any dry areas. If three times is not good, you can keep squeegeeing both sides of screen to eliminate excess water prior to drying. As to drying, you can use hair dryer, because of mesh humidity, environment, and dryer power, distance to screen, here we suggest 10-20 minutes, and for better result, you can choose our special drying cabinet, setting time is 20-30mins,temperature is 50℃(122℉).After emulsion has dried, remove plastic film.

Package included:

01)1 16"*18"(40cm*45cm) T-shirt screen printing board (009001)
2 screen frame butterfly hinge clamp (009022)
03)1 10.5"x15" Pre-stretched Screen Frame w/ 120# Fabric (007246)
04)1 13"(33cm) squeegee (007307)
05)1 bottle of White Paste (500g) (008243)
06)1 bottle of Transparent base (500g) (008253)
07)10 sheets of A4 transparency film (007003)
08)1 bottle of screen printing degreaser (008512)
09)1 bottle of screen printing autoprep gel (008522)
10)2 sheets of 15.7"*19.7" emulsion sheet (008502)
11)1 bottle of print board adhesive (008450)
12)5 stainless steel spatulas with wooden handle (007024)

13)1 bottle of Scarlet Pigment (008050)
14)1 bottle of Medium Yellow Pigment (008051)
15)1 bottle of Blue
Pigment (008052)
1 bottle of Green Pigment (008053)
1 bottle of Black Pigment (008054)


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