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006953:1 Color Screen Printing Kit

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Screen printing is arguably most versatile in printing, almost everything can be used as substrate. Our company provide this 1 color manual screen press package with high quality at a reasonable price, designed to easily set-up and print. As to single item' detailed description, video, clients can find them in our store.
It's very suitable for doing your DIY printing business.


1 Color 1 Station Screen Press with Removable Pallet


  • It can be applied to costume, woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, leather and other products which need flat printing. They are especially suitable for small enterprise and individual use.


Pallet Size: 17.7"x21.7" (45x55cm)

Pallet thickness: 0.7" (1.8cm)
Net Weight: 33Lb (15kg)
Gross Weight: 38Lb (17kg)
Package Size: 24"x20"x11" (60x50x28cm)

Width of the screen frame clamp: 9.4" (24cm)



This machine is specially designed for one color T-shirt screen printing because of its dedicated T-shirt pallet which can guarantee the accurate positioning and good printing effect.

It can also be applied to printing on substrates which need overprinting, such as pillowcase, bag, non-woven bags and so on. The user can only change the pallet according to the substrates to satisfy the needs of different kinds of printing and it is easy to dismantle the pallet.

Using the lever principle to control the handgrip, lift up the screen frame and hook it.

Adjusting the adapting piece to lift up the screen frame at a angle of 30-45 degree.

Put up the handgrip will lay down the screen frame.

The handgrip could be moved with 5.5" (14cm) in the horizontal direction, suitable for the screen frames which size is less than 23.6" (60cm).

Max thickness of screen frame clamp is 0.78 " (2cm) , it could be adjusted according to the thickness of the substrates.

Has a metal pad under the screen frame clamp, it makes more easier to adjust the height.




2 pcs 16"x20" Blank Screens 2 pcs 13"/33cm Squeegees 6 pcs 1# Spatulas
1 roll of Aluminum Foil Tape 1 bottles White Paste
1 bottles Transparent Paste
5 bottles Pigments:0.44Lb(200g)/bottle
scarlet, yellow, blue, green, black
Items included:

1)1 set of 1 Color Screen Press with Removable Pallet (006207)
2 pcs of 13" (33cm) Squeegees (007307)
pcs of 16"x20" screen frame with 120 mesh (007266)
4)6 pcs of 1#Stainless Steel Ink Spatulas (007024)
5)1 roll of Aluminum Foil Tape (008433)
6)1 bottles of white paste (008243)
7)1 bottles of transparent base (008253)
)1 bottle of Scarlet Pigment (008050)
9)1 bottle of Yellow Pigment (008051)
10)1 bottle of Blue Pigment (008052)
11)1 bottle of Green Pigment (008053)
12)1 bottle of Black Pigment (008054)


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